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                                             Rodney Blaze

      Master Of The Microphone
      The Roaring Voice Of Rock
      Loves long hair & hates anything spicy  
      (He is willing to make an exception for the Spice Girls, though…)



               Gerry Kennymore                           

                                                                                      Glamorous God Of Rock Guitar
                                                                                      Loves gorgeous brunettes in G-strings
                                                                                      Preferably with no strings attached


                                             Peter-Jan Kleevens
                     King Of The Keyboards
                     A True Master Of Disguise
                     If you think: where the ****
                     is that other guitar player,  just look at PJ!


                 Wim Vandenoord                            

                                                                                                       The Beast Of The Booming Bass
                                                                                                       Can drink and sing at the same time
                                                                                                       The guy with the sickest sense of humor  
                                                                                                       since The Dark Side Of Keith Moon


                                              Dick van Aarle

                      The Demon Behind The Drumkit
                      Eats little girls for breakfast
                      and their mummies for lunch…