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Powder To The People. That's the title of a unique CD release by The Block Busters. Hollandís one & only walking, talking, rocking and motherblocking glamrock outfit. An album featuring no less than 41 guest musicians, spilling their guts and glory on this unique album. Yes sir, it is a unique album we're talking about! Not because itís a tribute album. There have been many already. And many others will follow. This one however is not dedicated to one of the great BANDS in rock & roll history. It's dedicated to one of the great musical STYLES: glamrock. The heydays of The Sweet, Slade, Gary Glitter, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, The Rubettes, Mud and The Osmond Brothers. The early 70's may not have changed the SOUND of rock & roll as much as they should have. But they most certainly changed its LOOKS.

It's been a trend in fashion for the past couple of years. Suddenly everybody was trying to walk on high heeled shoes, wearing bell bottom trousers or a pair of hot pants, every now and again. The swinging 70ís are back. What's new for today's teenagers however, is the most brilliant form of nostalgia for others. Reminding you of the days that you starting getting pimples, growing a tiny moustache, had your first date, drank your first bottle of beer or got rid of that terrible barbed wire fence in your mouth. The same thing happened with Hans van den Heuvel, one of Hollandís leading rock journalists and the man who wrote the book on heavy metal. Literally, that is, being the editor of the Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Encyclopedia, published in several European countries and languages. He started using all of his contacts, called several of his famous Dutch musician friends and started working on the soundtrack of their childhood. No less than 41 of those noisy bastards were kind enough to help him out, re-arranging classic rock tracks like School's Out, Fox On The Run, Jean Genie, Crazy Horses, Coz I Luv' You, Ballroom Blitz, Dynamite, Action, Elected, Tie Your Mother Down, Tigerfeet and Wig-Wam Bam. Even Little Jimmy Osmond got updated, sounding a bit like a younger version of David Lee Roth nowadays, in a hilarious big band version of Long Haired Lover From Liverpool.



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