Here’s some candy for ya….

Ahead of their time, behind on their rent. If there’s ever been one band that has this statement written all over them, it’s The Block Busters. Wasn’t it this spectacularly dressed five piece that took a dive into their mummy’s clothing cabinet and beauty case, to return with a completely new combination of music and fashion: glamrock.

More importantly: the band firmly succeeded in backing up their visual step forward with several hands full of instantly catchy party rock songs. Who has never heard of classics like Dynamite, Tigerfeet, Crazy Horses, Ballroom Blitz, Jean Genie, Fox On The Run or Mama Weer All Crazy Now? Songs that are presently attributed to The Sweet, Slade, Gary Glitter, Alice Cooper, Mud or David Bowie, but the true experts know better. The Block Busters did it before all of them. Their Crazy Sensational 70’s Glitter Road Show exploded like a nuclear bomb! Unfortunately, disaster struck. During a Swiss tour the band got caught in a blizzard. While trying to get the bus out of a ditch, the five motherblockers were covered by an avalanche. Had the accident occurred in a heavily populated area, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But in the eternal snow of the Hautes Alpes it took years before a shepherd discovered the frozen bodies of our lost musicians. By way of a special procedure - comparable to the way coffee is freezedried, but reversed - Swiss doctors succeeded in re-animating the bandmembers. Somewhat insecure they adapted to modern day life. But thanks to artists like Lenny Kravitz and the Black Crowes, who renewed interest in seventies’ music and fashion, The Block Busters hit the European club circuit like a tornado. Wherever they showed up, crowds went wild. Thanks to their music, their show and their bewildering appearance. That snow can be a perfect preservative is shown by the fact that the Block Busters look exactly as young as they feel: a lot younger than they actually are. Clothes, shoes and make-up hardly suffered from the disastrous adventure. So we have every right to claim our Crazy Sensational Glitter Roadshow is more energetic and more up-to-date than ever before. Take a chance, and surrender to the