What about the Block Busters


***** THE BLOCK BUSTERS ***** Crazy Sensational Glitter Roadshow *****

‘People who weren’t there have missed the soundtrack of their childhood,’
 stated Holland’s number one rockmagazine OOR after seeing the Block Busters
 perform their Crazy Sensational Glitter Roadshow. Who said you can not turn
 back the clock? The Block Busters take the listener on a roller coaster ride
 along the highlights of Glamrock-music, including chartbreakers by David
 Bowie, Alice Cooper, The Sweet, Mud, T. Rex, Gary Glitter and the Osmonds.
 The band doesn’t just copy the songs, they interpret them in a very
 energetic manner and firmly emphasize the party-element in their music.
 Wherever the Block Busters play, the crowd is sure to go wild. Take a
 chance, get into that time machine. With The Block Busters.



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